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  • Google Maps API: Payment charges for third-party applications

    Following the launch of Google Maps Platform and changes to its products, Google has announced its developments for Maps service for professionals, as well as an application of pricing based on Javascript API "calls" effective since 16th of July 2018.

    Since 11th June, Google has been implementing this plan by making Google Maps API only accessible to application developers and publishers that have activated credit card billing and have an API key.

    If you use this service on your website, to display a map or a route, then you are affected by this change.

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  • Create a Stylish Site: Best Practices to Customize your site with CSS

    Having an original and beautiful web page is crucial to provide Internet users and visitors of your website a more enjoyable experience and have returning visitors.

    Upon applying the Blogger template or any other template suggested in the manager, you’ll be able to customize it completely, thanks to the CSS styles.

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  • HTTPS required to use PayPal

    If you use the PayPal feature to sell online through your website, some developments are to be expected due to a major change at PayPal. In fact, PayPal will require its users to have an SSL certificate to continue using its online payment services. And this change is effective since 30th June 2018.

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  • Google My Business: New options to optimize your Local SEO

    Google My Business is Google's dedicated tool for the local positioning of businesses. You can use it to provide your customers with information about your business directly from Google and Maps or on Google+ via a description page.

    As with all the services of the Californian brand, it is continuing to evolve. My Business has diversified and now offers new functions which can enhance your company's description page.

    The changes offered to My Business Users include writing and editing an activity description and displaying a list of services.

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  • emyspot offerings are changing

    For many years, emyspot offerings, with their low-cost options for website creation, have remained unchanged. However, we have come to realize that what we have been offering did not always meet our customers' needs.

    After several months of analysis, we have decided to make some changes in order to provide a range of options that are better suited to your needs. We will outline all of these changes in this blog post.

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  • Implement a quantity discount on your store

    Hey Houston, communication was restored with the ... Emyspot crew! 

    This last 3 months we've been working intensively to provide and ensure higher quality service.
    You may have already noticed a few changes on your manager and improvements on your website features.

    We know that nurturing relationships with your customers is crucial to grow a successful business. Therefore, quantity discount feature is now available in your store settings, it will help you achieve your turnover goals.

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