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    Welcome to the emyspot forum dedicated to making your website creation journey better. Talk to other members that are making their website, get advice, or just share your experience with us. While you post please remember that you are talking to humans, no trolling, no insulting, and stay classy.

    Here are the rules for posting a new subject:

    - Post in the correct forum category. This ensures the best response possible and keeps the for clean.

    - Please before posting a new topic see if the question has not already been asked and possibly answered.

    - When you ask a question, give a clear title to your message (not "using" or "I have a problem"): the title must be explicit and describe your problem well in the message.

    - Explain your problem or question in detail, so that you can get help. Feel free to put screenshots to illustrate your topic.

    - Attention to spelling (no SMS language),

    - For the convenience of all, please respect other users and moderators and remain courteous in all circumstances and respect netiquette

    More general rules:

    - Discussions are limited to the topics described in the presentation of each discussion forum. Off topic comments may be deleted.

    - All forums except exceptions are moderated a posteriori. If one of your messages violates the rules of the forum it will be edited or even deleted by one of the moderators. In case of repeated abuses, and its moderators may ban you from the forum, without having to justify.

    - You are responsible for the comments you post on this forum. emyspot takes no responsibility for content posted. We are therefore obliged to ensure a certain "traceability" of the authors of the messages. For this purpose, registration is subject to the existence of a valid email address, and one or more IP addresses associated with the identifiable member.

    - Signatures: Signature texts must be short, images and banners in signatures must not exceed the size of a 468x60 pixel banner.
    Signature is not an advertising space. It can only contain one link to your own site. In addition, we ask members to avoidflashing banners.

    - Thank those who help you: this may seem obvious, but it is easy to forget that the answer read in 2 minutes may have taken more time than that to be offered. The minimum is to say thank you.

    - When your subject is resolved, in addition to thanking your interlocutors (see above), please click on the "resolved" link located in the first message of the discussion.

    - Doubles and raises: It is useless to post several times the same message, duplicates being systematically erased by our moderators. If you hesitate between categories or where specifically to ask your question, you can contact a member of the team who will guide you.

    - Do not argue on the forum. The forum should remain a friendly place. So use private messaging to settle your differences with another user.

    - Except on the forum category dedicated to "your website" any advertising message is prohibited, in particular, messages whose sole purpose is to make other aware of your website or to create a link to this site for reference purposes.

    Failure to comply to ]these rules may be subject to a total or temporary ban from the emyspot Forum
    Happy Webbing

    Michelle from emyspot

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