Dear santa

Dear More real than Santa

On 08/12/2016

In Help to make a website

As I was sitting at the desk thinking how to rephrase my question for the fifth time, I remembered that around this time of year we would have to write a Dear Santa letter for school listing what we needed for Christmas. Yes, I realize that needed may seem dramatic, but at six years old I am certain I needed that Skydancer. And as I write to customer support, trying to find the correct words to express my feelings about the problem, I realize how simple and useful Dear Santa letters could be.

I am sure in today's classrooms they are no longer writing Santa with pencils, but instead expressing themselves through text, snap, insta, yet I still remember when I wrote to Santa asking for a Skydancer, the blue one because the other ones were too girly, and Santa delivered. That is how customer service should be.  Delivery on point. With the key details, a question can be answered, a problem resolved, a gift given.

That is what to expect when contacting the emyspot support team. Interaction with people dedicated to emyspot who deliver results. And while the good websites have guides and tutorials to help you, support teams are a must. After all, sometimes we just don't get it and need more information, explanation, help and or advice. This is where the support team at emyspot excels.

In a simple form, you have the freedom to write to the support team, in your own words, to get the solution you need. But it is important to remark that as you have the freedom to frame the question, the more details you provide to the support team, the faster and better the answer. Keep it simple, short, friendly, with key info.

If you need help, don't hesitate to ask. Connect to your website manager and receive personalized online support now. the emyspot support team can help with your website creation process - even better than Santa*

*Ok might be stepping on some toes with this statement but we do our best and spoiler - we are real, whereas, Santa is not... or is he?

Thanks for being awesome, and don't hesitate to contact us for help. Happy webbing

- from the support team