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Guides to site creation

These guides are further explanation with  in-depth explanations, adding to the information and help available with webmaster tutorials. The guides and tutorials are free and meant to help and guide you when making your website


These learning supports can be about using our specific software at emyspot but also about any subject related to site creation, such as webmastering or SEO referencing

  • Getting Started 8

    Get off on the right foot. An in-depth look at using the features and tools that make your website better, great when starting off or as a refresher.
  • Guide to page creation 6

    Get a step by step walk through of page creation with the page builder tool to master your page layout with our emyspot guides.
  • Guide to SEO and search engines 11

    It is important to be easy to find on search engines and get your message out there. To fine-tune your site's SEO use these guides.
  • Guide to blog creation 8

    Keep your site visitors informed and use these blog guides to better use the blog add-on.
  • Guide to Add-on Online Store 8

    Find in-depth explanations and examples on how to better use your online store add-on.
  • Guide to online booking 9

    All the guides, that will help you use the online booking add-on easier with step by step instructions.