Price of a website : how much does it cost to make a site ?

At emyspot you always have the option to make a free site or to subscribe to one of the many offers allowing you to unlock key feautres to make an even better, professional site. Start creating your free website and decide as you need to subscribe to one or more of our offers.

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Don't hesitate to discover emyspot's free website creation tools. As soon as you sign-up, you will be a webmaster.

Necessary subscriptions

Examples of offer combinations

Showcase Website

£70$110€75per year

A great combination for a pro or an association website

  Domain Name Pro

E-commerce website

£210$310€235 per year

A great combination for an online store

  Domain Name Pro   E-commerce Pro

A website without publicity, 2.5 Go storage space, a personalized web address (.com, .fr, etc.), 10 email accounts, all the options optimized for selling online.


£120$195€140 per year

  Restaurant Pro   Domain Name Pro

Create a website for your restaurant or cafe, and reach out to your potential customers. Grow your business with simple and effective tools for building your restaurant business online.


£120$195€140 per year

  Booking Pro   Domain Name Pro

Whether you want to make a bed and breakfast website or enable your clients to book appointments online, boost your booking website with unlimited rentals and deposit or payment-in-full handling built-in.

Pack mail

SSL : Give your site the power of https

Propose a secure connection with an SSL certificate, free installation, and the label https. Ensure the safe transfer of all information on your site for only £40$70 a year.Not only will this advance your site's reputation but also advance your ranking on search engines. Take your site to the next level and get SSL.

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Pack mail

Pack Mail : Add extra emails to your domain

The Pack Mail gives you the power to add up to 10 emails right from you emyspot manager ! Pack Mail is a way to add credibility to your site and create buzz around your site. Manage your emails from an easy to use inbox. This pack offers more storage space as well. 1GB for each pack.

This service is provided with subscription that costs £25$43 for 1gb more storage and 10 more email addresses!

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Pack SMS

Pack SMS : Take action and market by text

The Pack SMS makes creating your SMS campaign right from you emyspot manager : send SMS texts to let your customers know about sales or send members information directly to their phone. You can also use the Pack SMS to receive helpful notifications about movement on your site

This service is provided after subscription that costs £15$20 for 100 SMS credits : you can recharge your SMS account easily, make your text campaign fun and efficient !

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Offer secondary ndd en

Secondary domain name : An extension to your website

Thanks to a secondary domain name you will be able to own several domain names in order to up site visitors. You may choose to add secondary domain names that include the various typing errors users may do or slight variations. This offer allows you to reserve several domain names, with different extensions that all belong to you.

This secondary domain name will have an automatic redirect to your primary domain name of your site. This service is offered to you at 20€ per year, per secondary domain name. It is necessary to have a (master) domain name before you can order secondary domain names. emyspot handles all the set-up to ensure your secondary domain is installed and redirected perfectly.

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Frequently asked questions about our offers

Am I obligated to pay to create a website?

No, emyspot proposes a FreeVersion with no time limits or engagements. This version includes access to almost all of the add-ons, with unlimied page creation and access to all the graphic layouts.

Where do I purchase the offers and how do I apply it to my website?

Once you have created your free website, all offers can be found from your website manager from the subscription menu. From this list you will be able to choose and purchase the subscription of your choice. Follow this link to access the offers. Once you have completed purchase emyspot handles the installation of all subscriptions so that you can focus on your website. We take care of the rest.

If I decide to purchase one or more of the packages, will I have to redo the site?

You can, at any moment of making your website subscribe to an offer without losing any content. The emyspot team wants your website to grow wih you, thus all our offers are made to join onto existing content, or used with new content. You decide.

How long does my subscription to an offer last?

We are firm believers in the quality of emyspot websites. Therefore there is no required engagmement period: If you are not satisfied, it is your choice to not renew your subscription.

Does the VersionPLUS include the domain name offer?

VersionPLUS does not include the domain name offer, yet those a two complementary services. and function wonderfully together.
  • the option Domain Name Pro allows for a personalized domain name, instead of you choose This package also allows for seperate email accounts to be used, all for the price of £30$40 per year;
  • the VersionPLUS allows no ads, and you get to maximize your site earning potential by integrating your own ads, and additional services (extra storage, reserve exclusive content for site members only). This package is £40$70 per year.