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Adding online bookings to your free website is as easy as 1-2-3. Enable the free Booking add-on to your website, to handle availability searches, online bookings, and seasonal pricing management. Add additional features to your online reservation tools with BookingPRO. For just 50£85$/yr, offer your website and your clients an integrated booking and payment system.

Try the free version for as long as you like, and add a BookingPRO subscription if and when you need it. Here's an overview of the differences between the free Booking add-on and BookingPRO to help you decide which version is right for you.

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Compare Free version with BookingPRO

Without Booking PRO

0$€0 per year

With Booking Pro

50£85$€60 per year


Number of locations displayed 1 unlimited
Number of photos per location 1 unlimited
Online payment options (via , Paypal, check or wire transfer)
Manage bookings
Pricing (Special periods, Reductions, Season pricing)
Options of locations (free or fees)
Research availibility widget for the various locations
Client comments


40£70$€45 per year

For those who want more from their site we have created the VersionPLUS. A real interest, with unrivaled tools that will make you site the best!

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Domain NamePRO

30£40$€35 per year

Get an easy-to-remember address for your website, and manage your domain and emails right from your site manager, to complete your end-to-end online communications and marketing strategy..

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SSL certificate

30£40$€35 year

The SSL offer gives you the power that comes with an SSL certificate: offer a secure connection to all site users, up your credibility, and better your SEO by subscribing to the SSL offer.

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