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Adding online bookings to your free website is as easy as 1-2-3. Enable the free Booking add-on to your website, to handle availability searches, online bookings, and seasonal pricing management.

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Add additional features to your online reservation tools with Business Version, and benefit from it's 5 GB storage space capacity. For just 12£21$€15/month*, offer your website and your clients an integrated booking and payment system.

* Monthly payments are only available for payments in euros and full year subscriptions. They can be interrupted free of charge at any time after two months (The yearly price is cheaper than a full year subscription with monthly payment).

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Without Business Version

0$€0 per year

With Business Version

120£192$€144 per year


Number of locations displayed 1 unlimited
Number of photos per location 1 unlimited
Online payment options (via Credit Card, Paypal, Check or Wire transfer)
Manage bookings
Pricing (Special periods, Reductions, Season pricing)
Options of locations (free or fees)
Research availibility widget for the various locations
Client comments

Domain NamePRO

30£40$€35 year

Get an easy-to-remember address for your website, and manage your domain and emails right from your site manager, to complete your end-to-end online communications and marketing strategy.

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Pack SMS

15£20$/100 Texts€15/100 Texts

Create SMS campaigns, send personalized text messages,announce promotions and build customer loyalty with targeted marketing actions!

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SSL certificate

30£40$€35 year

The SSL offer gives you the power that comes with an SSL certificate: offer a secure connection to all site users, up your credibility, and better your SEO by subscribing to the SSL offer.

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Try the free version for as long as you like, and add a Business Version subscription if and when you need it. Here's an overview of the differences between the free Booking add-on and the Business version to help you decide which one is right for you.