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Be an individual and stand out on the web with a personalized domain name, whether yours is a professional or personal website.

An address like (or .net, .biz, .org etc.) is a lot easier for visitors to remember and provides your website a better ranking with search engines.

Plus, you get up to 10 personalized e-mail addresses linked to your domain name (like

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What are the advantages of Domain name PRO?

The Domain namePRO service enables you to personalize the address of your website. Choose a name and extension that suits your website, like (or uk, .net, .biz, .org etc.). Visitors (and search engines) using your existing address ( will be automatically redirected to your new address, meaning your existing hard work getting your website seen on the web won't go to waste.

A domain name gives your site a professional edge and is required for integrating some external services like Google AdSense advertising. Unchain your website by subscribing a Domain namePRO service for your website, and combining it with the pro-site features of Version PRO.

You can get a new domain name or transfer one you already own.


Domain Name PRO : an all-inclusive offer

Domain Name PRO

30£40$€35 per year

Verify if available

Find out instantly if the domain name is available or not

Reserve the domain name

emyspot reserves the domain name with a recognized registrar.

Configuration on the server

We'll take care of setting up and installing your domain name on our servers to ensure it directs traffic to your website correctly.

Personalized emails using POP or IMAP

You can create up to 10 personalized e-mail addresses, like, and up to 10 forwarded addresses, directly from your site manager. Linked to your domain name, you can access your emails from any standard e-mail application or a ready-to-use webmail for mail access on the go. Each domain comes with 1GB of mail storage, shared between accounts however you'd like.

How much does a domain name cost?

A Domain Name PRO subscription is available from 30£40$€35 a year ( for the first name registered or transferred, and from 225$€20 per year (inc. tax) for each subsequent domain name.

Please note that a Domain Name PRO subscription is entirely separate from Version PRO - the two services are independent and complementary.

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Just sign up make a free website, then navigate to the Service > Upgrade your site menu in your site manager. This process takes anywhere from 4-48 hours. Please note that certain domain extensions take longer to set-up

Option PackMail

Pack Mail

25£43$€30 for 1GB more storage and 10 more email addresses

For those who want to add credibility to their site and create buzz around it.

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Option Secundary Domaine Name

Secondary Domain Name

20£25$€20 year

The Secondary Domain Name option gives you the possibility to reserve a new extension and/or have various domain names redirecting automatically and seamlessly to your website.

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SSL option

SSL certificate

30£40$€35 year

The SSL offer gives you the power that comes with an SSL certificate: offer a secure connection to all site users, up your credibility, and better your SEO by subscribing to the SSL offer.

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