Website creation ideas

When creating a website, you should have an idea of what you want to do and the direction you want to take, so we at emyspot have listed some possibilities to inspire you. Take a look at the ideas we have, and feel free to give your feedback or talk about your site design. 

Wedding plan

Make a wedding website

Make a free wedding website, or a wedding blog, to keep your guests, friends and family informed: share photos and videos, publish your wedding registry list, access maps to the church and reception venue.

Make a local government website

Make a free website to present your community's heritage, highlight activities and events offered to local youth, parents and senior citizens, publish opening hours of local offices and services, communicate with concerned citizens about community and associative activities in your neighborhood.

Make a restaurant website

Make a free restaurant website, without needing any technical skills. Publish menus, post practical info like maps, hours, even take orders or reservations in advance.

Make a bed and breakfast websi

Make a website to promote your business and get new clients, wherever they may be. emyspot makes it easy to make a free bed and breakfast website, even for beginners.

Make a photography website

Make a pro photography website and publish photos and slideshows online easily. Showcase your photos on your own website: run and maintained by you. Anyone can do it, it's that simple.

Make a sports club website

Make a club site for your sporting group to put the power of the internet to work for your group, club or association, recruit new members and players and unite existing members. An interactive website that encourages participation.
Smallbusiness 1

Make a business website

Owners, managers and directors can build a website for their company, a corporate intranet website or a free online store with secured online payments, automatic billing, order and stock management and more.

Make a daycare website

Make a daycare website or a babysitting or nursery website for free, without any technical knowledge. Publish tariffs and childcare placement vacancies, present facilities, references and activities

Make a family web site

It's as easy as ABC to make a family website with emyspot. Kids, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins can all take part in building the site.

Make a theater company website

Use your theater company website or drama group site to present the troop, its actors and original creations online. Make a blog to present upcoming projects, announce performances, rehearsals, theater and acting class dates using an online calendar and newsletters.

Make an artist website

Whether you're a musician, band manager, theater group, artist or photographer, the internet is a vital part of your communication strategy. Make an artist website, free and easy.

Make a community website

Get your community group, association, NGO or volunteer organization online with a free website that's easy to manage collaboratively. Publish news, recruit and inform members, and spread ideas quickly, and simply.
Baby 1

Make a birth announcement webs

Share the highlights of your baby's first years with loved-ones. Break down the barriers of distance and easily share the ups and downs of birth and childhood.