Dress up your website for the holiday season

On 30/11/2010

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If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably feeling a little excited at the thought that the holiday season is upon us once again. I put it down to my severely rose-colored memory of childhood Christmases (those creative “memories” gifted by aging). Though there are many occasions each year worthy of celebrating, end-of-year festivities are really my favorite.

When the holiday mood finally strikes you this year, why not go all out and spread a little seasonal cheer through your personal website or online business? For those looking to get merry on the web, here’s a few ideas to make a website that reflects the true spirit of the season.

For a little festive cheer, one of the easiest ways to start your website with a “splash” is to add a holiday-themed image to your splash page. The splash page is an add-on – if you haven’t enabled it yet for your website, you can do so directly from the Settings menu. The splash page can be disabled at any time, so it’s a simple – and quick – way to add seasonal site content without affecting the rest of your website, and taking it down is a lot easier than dragging that tree out to the curb.

Like the splash page, using Ecards is another simple way to add a little holiday-themed spirit to your site. Upload a few images of past years’ festivities, or some seasonal snapshots, and encourage your visitors to use them to spread the cheer among their entourage by sending them an ecard and a personalized greeting directly from your website. If you’ve got a little more time, personalize the images by adding a greeting with an image editor before uploading them.

Adding important dates for the end of year festivities to your website Diary enables you to centralize important information for your family and friends. Use it to add times, dates and locations of important end-of-year events, like Christmas meals, New Year parties or other get-togethers. Dates are archived once they’re over, so setting start- and end-dates means you can add events, then let the site manager take care of the rest.

As the season progresses, feed the festive theme of your website by posting updates to your blog. Using the blog keeps visitors and friends up to date with holiday preparations or seasonal promotions for your online store. Posting on the blog is also a quick way to add a holiday-themed message to your site. Using social web sharing features integrated into your site manager means you can share your posts on Twitter or Facebook with one click. Enable social sharing on your blog too, and get your visitors to lend a hand with spreading the cheer.

To extend seasonal communications outside your website, using the Newsletter add-on is a easy way to do it. By personalizing the design of your newsletter from your sit manager, you can dress it up with festive colors and an image. Your subscribers will be thrilled to know that you’ve taken the time to get into the holiday mood (and be just that more attentive to your message).

If you’ve used your site to make an online shop, a quick touch here and there to your store design will get your online store into thespirit of things as well. Changing the color of your product blocks or categories is a simple and fast way to highlight your products for regular clients, and get them in a festive buying frame of mind!

With the arrival of the New Year, the holidays draw to a close. Make an online photo album to round things out, with images highlighting the best (or the worst!) of those holiday memories. Organizing the images in a dedicated album means it's as easy to publish as it will be to take offline, once your family and friends have had enough of those reminders of the excesses of the holiday season!

You’ll find there’s a lot of easy ways to dress up your website these holidays. So forget those home decorations for a minute – your website deserves being a part of the festivities too! A quick touch and you too can make your own website an extension of your end-of-year celebrations.

From the team at doomby, we wish you happy holidays, one and all.