The makings of a webmaster

On 07/11/2012

In Help to make a website

A lot of people hesitate before choosing to make a website, figuring that they don’t have the necessary skills, or anything interesting to say (my mother among them). Yet those same people don’t hesitate to doodle, to create a Facebook account, or plunge headfirst into creative activities like card making (my mother among them).

Being a webmaster isn’t about understanding the inner workings of web servers, HTML or web browsers – long gone are the days when you needed to understand complex things that aren’t necessarily your cup of tea. Website builder tools like doomby are designed to help anyone make a website, even people who have absolutely no knowledge of servers or code (my mother … well, you get the picture).

Creating a website is within the reach of everyone; with the right tools, it’s easy, and free. Whatever your message, creative itch or online communications needs, you really can build your own website, apply and adjust your website design, edit your site content, and have the whole thing up and online in about the same time it takes to read this.

Don’t think you have what it takes to be a webmaster? I know of at least two webmasters who’d disagree.

Karen and her 6-year-old son have recently become webmasters, and I’m pretty sure neither of them have a degree in computer sciences or a diploma in website architecture and design. Yet them seem to be doing just fine without them, as you can see for yourself

If you’re hesitating about whether you’ve got what it takes to create a website, why not take a leaf out of Karen’s book, and just go for it. It’s a whole lot easier than you might think, as I'm sure Karen and Daniel would agree.

PS If you know (or know of) someone about Daniel’s age, whose surname is Riddle, Karen and Daniel would love to hear from you. Just leave them a message on their site guestbook.