1 big week, 2 big guest stars, and a stack of big changes

On 06/11/2009

In New and updated features

For our Facebook fans, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that you didn't have to wait “a few days” for an update: it's already here, and the waiting is over!

We've had a big week at doomby. Lots of new things have been going on, including the addition of some much-requested features to help you make a website even more quickly and easily.

Here's some of the more interesting new features we've added to the doomby free website builder:

  • multi-file uploads: we thought saving you time was a priority, so you can now upload multiple files at once if you have a Flash-enabled web browser (if not, you can still use the old method for file uploads one at a time);
  • image effects: yes, it's a mini photo editor integrated into your website manager. Use it to do a heap of neat stuff like rotating, trimming, inverting colors, transforming images to black and white, blurring and more;
  • auto-translations: it's a widget, it's easy to add to your side menu, and it gives your visitors a one-click translation of your pages;
  • personalizable contact form: add whatever extra fields you'd like, however you'd like them to appear (including check boxes, buttons and lists);
  • blog tag cloud: ever since this came out, I've been afraid mine will show mother in letters so big no-one will notice anything else and start getting all Freudian with me. If you, on the other hand, are the fearless type, feel free to add this widget to your side menus so others can analyze you too (or at least, know what keywords appear most often in your blog, and access related posts quickly);
  • social networking: shortcuts have been added to the page manager so you can quickly post links to your pages via Facebook and Twitter;

And the best part? Just like your doomby website, all this new stuff costs nothing. Zilch. It's free.

doombyPLUS members also get a couple of extra (free) tools just for them:

  • referring website statistics: get a detailed, graphical analysis of where your visitors are coming from and what search terms they're using to find you. This is a great way to really help you get the most out of your partner link exchanges and optimize search terms.
  • personalizable 404 error page: don't like what's displayed when someone types the wrong page address for your website, or hits a broken link? Personalize your website page error message to match the image you want to project.

As I said, all-in-all, it's been another busy week. Plus we've put a lot of work into optimizing our servers and it's already bearing fruit, with surfing speeds way up … we've only just begun the big stuff, so stay tuned!

P.S. I think all the excitement must have caught on, as we have had not one, but two guest stars this week: Starey the cat (since that's kinda all it does, just sit and stare, and choosing between calling it “Sitty” or “Starey” was pretty much a no-brainer), and Dearie the deer (who I'm convinced hangs out in the orchard across the road just to greet us as we arrive in the morning, and is not at all there just to eat the apples). If they spoke, they'd say “hi”, and “have a good weekend”, sentiments which I am gladly passing on to you on their, my and the rest of the doomby team's behalf.