Add a slider to your website

On 24/04/2013

In New and updated features

With all the site content explorers now online, it's time for a quick update, and a new feature. One of the most-requested features you've asked for is an image slider, and we're exicted to announce that the new image slider widget is now online (see this page for a couple of examples).

The bold, and the beautiful

The image slider widget is like an image slideshow ... on steroids. Like a slideshow, you can add it to a page or side menu, and choose the images you'll display. The big and really fantastic difference with a regular slideshow is that an image slider is a whole lot easier to personalize - choose the kinds of transition effects, their timing, and show or hide navigational controls. The end result is a truly customized image slideshow, that looks great, and is designed to blend perfectly with your site design (personalize the look of your slider at any time from the Settings > Global settings > Slideshow menu of the site manager).

Make it clicky

The big advantage of the image slider is that you can add hypertext links from each image, to any page. When adding images to the slider, you can add optional title and description text, and links. By adding a link, visitors can click the image, and be redirected to a site page. Adding links to images transforms the slider into a powerful marketing and navigational tool for your site. Just the thing for highlighting and linking to blog posts, items in your online store, or any other content on your site.

Try out the slider any time you'd like - it's available today, in the list of widgets in the page editor, and in the site side menu editors.