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An optimized online support

On 30/03/2017

In New and updated features

As someone who has created a website on emyspot or ever dealt with customers, you know the importance of a customer service. At emyspot we offer online support to all of our webmasters! And now we will be changing our conversations over to luminjo the 12th of April 2017.

What does it change for you?

Messages to the support team will still be sent using the same form, from the same Help menu from the website manager. This will not change. But now you will be notified of replies by email and the conversation will be saved on the luminjo dashboard so that you can consult the conversation at any moment

Your email must be valid and up-to-date. If you need to update the email associated with your account, just go to the menu Account> Personal Information and, if necessary, update your contact information.

You will receive an email notification of each new reply. In that email, you will also find your login information to connect to luminjo. This connection allows you at any moment to see where your conversation is, add information, or to let us know that the problem has been fixed.

Just a gentle reminder, please ensure your email associated with your website is valid.

What is luminjo?

Luminjo offers you customer support superpowers and is a simpler and more efficient alternative to sending emails back and forth. No more lost emails, easy file sharing, and an easy to use interface. Luminjo has it all so that your problems get fixed.

With luminjo there is no need to download external software to have intelligent customer support. All features are designed to improve the quality and speed of your customer service. You are able to track conversations, create automated replies, and organize your conversations so that nothing falls through the cracks.

A customer support tool 100% online

Luminjo is a simple customer service software that allows you to offer the best support for your customers. Centralize all the questions of your users, follow the evolution of your conversations and manage the distribution of the conversations to your agents

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We will start using luminjo the 12th of April, 2017 for online support on emyspot.