Filter access to your site content

On 14/12/2010

In New and updated features

One of the best features of doombyPLUS is the ability to create a website with a dedicated content area for your site members. Filtering access to certain site pages, reserving them for your registered site members, adds value to your site. It also ensures you keep a tight control over who sees what, by applying it to page comments or blog posting, and is a great way to share the workload of your daily site management.

We’ve recently enhanced the members-only features available to doombyPLUS members – here’s an overview of what’s new.

Make a forum for members

You can now reserve online forums for members - perfect for providing after-sales support to registered customers, a discussion space for members of your organization or community group, or paid members of your site.

Create a private calendar

Ideal for sharing information about private events, use members-only site diary events to list details of family gatherings, company meetings or appointments, visible only to members of your site. The diary RSS feed automatically filters events, ensuring only members connected to their account can see private content, whilst leaving your public dates visible to regular site visitors.

Restrict access to your blog

Need to communicate information with both non-registered visitors and your in-house team or friends? Use private blog posts to restrict their access, regrouping them with public posts in a single, unified blog to ensure regular site visitors and connected members only get access to the information they need.

Publish online photo albums for members

The new members-only online photo album categories are just the thing for photographers. Public categories are a great way to display your talents, but sometimes you’ll need to ensure only clients can access a certain collection of images. Using the member area, together with private and public photo albums, ensures you can do both, easily. Take advantage of private album categories to restrict access to certain albums, reserving them for paid members or authenticated clients.

Reserving access to members of your website is as easy as checking the option of the corresponding element in your site manager. Try them all out, and use the ones that suit your website best.