Freecommerce - how to make a free online store

On 21/05/2010

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It's rare these days that you come across free things online that are genuinely useful. I mean, sure, there's free stuff that's also neat, handy or interesting (like jedi cats). But little of what you'll find online manages to combine usefulness and gratuity, without you running the risk of ending up with a hefty fine, jailed, or both. Unsatisfied with that sad status quo, today's Earth-shattering doomby annoucement is our response. Today, we're giving you something for nothing that will actually make you money, won't see you in jail1, and is super-useful2. Ever since our e-commerce solution came out (you know, the thing you can add to doomby's free website builder to make an e-commerce website that rocks), we've been all like "ohhh" and "awww" (but you hadn't noticed, right?), because we've been really pleased with what we developed. Well, we like it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone. Free. Yes, now everyone can create a website and make an

online store, and rest soundly knowing it won't cost a dime.

Call us crazy, but we were partly inspired by the vertiginous drop in the euro, figuring if we didn't make it free, the new peso of the north would soon be at a level where – for the price – we'd practically be giving it away anyway. So that's just what we decided to do.

As of today, you can upgrade your website to an fully-fledged online store for free. OK, there's a few (small) catches – you'll can only enable 5 products online at any one time, so if you have more you'll have to alternate them (or streamline your product line). You also won't be able to automatically generate and apply discount codes (or coupons), nor manage clients by groups. Similarly, product comments and the creation of cross-selling links between your products - to boost online sales easily by suggesting similar, complementary or alternative products – are features reserved for users of the subscription version of our e-commerce package. All other store features, such as the full range of payment methods, invoice creation and management, full control over your online store design, management of shipping and handling sharges and automatic sales tax calculations are all included in the free version of our (super-tastic3) e-commerce website builder.

For budding e-commerce wannabees like my mother, our free e-commerce version is the ideal solution to a sticky problem. If you're an arty crafty kind of person, and love making stuff, I'll bet you were always stumped trying to figure out how you were going to be able to afford to market and distribute your creative wonders while you waited for the orders (and cash) to start rolling in. Or maybe you've wanted to sell a plumbing, carpentry, cleaning or baby-sitting service online, but couldn't really justify the cost of setting up an online store without a better idea of whether your business would really pick up as a result.

Whether you're looking to sell your latest and greatest hand-knitted toilet roll cover (I'm looking at you, mommy dearest), or an hour of toilet unblocking, the solution is now at hand. For absolutely nothing, you can add a fully functional, super amazing4 online mini store to your free website, and get up and selling for nix. And you really can't get any cheaper than that.

1 If you use it to sell illegal stuff, you may actually wind up in jail, through no fault of ours. So don't.
2 "Super-useful" was the most-frequent answer to the following question: "Just how useful is this thing?" in our internal survey of 1 respondant, conducted May 14, 2010, at 4:49 pm. Margin of error +/- 0.
3 "Super-tastic" is neither a song, nor a registered trade mark of Awelty. We just like how it sounds, and thought it summed up how we felt.
4 "Super amazingness" of our free E-commerce solution is included free of charge. Actual results may vary with use