Get creative with your website design

On 06/11/2012

In New and updated features

We’re mentioned in the past why we do the things we do: to help you express yourself online, to communicate on the web, and above all else, to make the kind of website that’s right for you. The internet is a big place, and ensuring your message gets heard online is a whole lot easier if your website design appeals to visitors. Your site design is one of the first things that visitors will notice, so we’ve taken time to publish a some great new website design themes over the course of the year to help you get your site looking its best, in next to no time.

One of the great things about the themes that we’ve published this last year, like Store 101, Do It Yourself, Retro and Tonight, is that you can give your website a structured, complete “look and feel” with just a couple of clicks, and quickly personalize the theme you’ve applied, simply by changing a few colors and images.

These easy-to-personalize themes are ideal for webmasters who like getting on with the job of adding and managing site content, without spending time working on their website design. The designs look great as-is, and their simplified personalization tools make it easy to change the main aspects of their sites, like colors and fonts.

If you’re the kind of webmaster who really likes to focus on your site design, and to fine-tune every aspect of the site layout, you’ll probably want to opt for a more “open” site theme; one that has a vast range of options and ways to personalize the design.

The Unlimited theme is our latest addition to the doomby website builder: it’s comes with a huge number of adjustable design settings to truly personalize your website. Choose icon colors, adjust menu position and alignment any way you’d like … you can even use it to personalize the look of buttons used on your website.

Perfect for getting visually creative with your online store or personal website, the Unlimited theme is available to all doomby webmasters. Enable it with just one click from the Settings > Design > Themes menu of the site manager, and get started giving your website a truly incredible site makeover, today.