Jedi cats

Instant website success? Try Jedi cats.

On 23/04/2010

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The internet is truly remarkable. Just think about it: 99% of what you'll find online serves no practical purpose at all. Yet that's the stuff most people spend their time watching - a lot like TV. If you want to make a website an overnight success, forget about adding free forums or wondering how to make a blog and build a following; it'll take way more than a couple of hours to build a sizable audience.

Got a great idea for how to make an online store a roaring success? Well, sorry, but that isn't going to get you millions of hits before sunrise. And no, if you're out to break a world record for building a massive following for your free website in as little time as possible, you don't have to take your clothes off, nor anyone else's for that matter.

To make your own website a true internet super phenomenon, you just need one thing: Jedi cats.

Now admittedly, you could also try Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Susan Boyle or funny babies, but you're bound to run into copyright issues with the first three, and you can't do the last one by yourself (not to mention that it takes a lot of preparation and planning, and at least a nine-month wait). You could film yourself doing a sequel to the evolution of dance, but like most sequels it'll probably fail to be as good as the first, and you'll almost certainly just wind up looking stupid (and probably hurt yourself in the process).

No, for instant website fame and glory, Jedi cats are just what you need. And what's more, they're accessible to everyone, and will start working their magic for you and your free website in just a few minutes. Don't believe Jedi cats are the key to overnight success? Just do a search for "cats" on YouTube: thousands of results, and millions of views. Most of them are of the "funny cat" variety, but there are even some people just crazy enough to watch un-funny cat videos, such as last week's ipad cat mega-hit (4.5 million views in under one week). These remarkably insignificant films all share one thing: cats, and their Jedi-like power to irresistibly draw viewers, forcing people - almost against their will - to spend minutes, hours, days watching the otherwise banal activities of these cunning masters of visual persuasion.

What's this got to do with your website, I hear you ask. Well, now (OK, it'll actually be next week cause we're still fine-tuning the details) you too can build your very own "mytube" on your free website, just by enabling your video gallery. The doomby video gallery is a very simple way of integrating as many videos (even non-funny, non-cat ones) as you'd like to your website, and displaying them in your very own thematically organized, online video gallery. If you have a YouTube account, you can link to it and import videos you've uploaded, or select ones from your YouTube favorites or playlists. If you don't have a YouTube account, you can just search for videos by keyword, ID or URL, on YouTube or Dailymotion.

Adding videos to a website is a great and very simple way to provide instant interactivity for visitors, and by carefully selecting content (hint: funny cats), you'll be sure to provide those too lazy to read what you've spent hours writing about in your blog with something they actually want to look at.

Your favorite free website builder is just about to make integrating video content a whole lot easier, and infinitely more fun. To tide you over until next week, here's just a taste of the incredible power of funny cats: I dare you to resist ...