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Make a multi-language website: doomby v4

On 04/01/2011

In New and updated features

As anyone who went shopping during the holiday season can attest, the world is a pretty busy place filled with a whole lot of people. And whether you’ve decided to create a website for your friends and family, or to make a pro website for your business, chances are your potential site audience is a whole lot bigger than those huddled masses you had to fight with when you went last-minute gift shopping.

In order to help your website reach as many people as possible, it’s a good idea to ensure your site content is accessible to people who may not all speak the same language as you. We’re currently hard at work ensuring you’ll have everything you need to maximize your site audience. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the great new features coming soon for your doomby website.

Multi-language websites in a flash

You probably already know that your doomby website comes with a menu widget that enables you to add instant page translation using Google translation tools. Adding it to your side menu gives your site visitors an instant, one-touch translation of your site content in the language of their choice.

Though they’re far from perfect, Google’s translation algorithms are pretty good at providing a useable translation of simple site text. And if you need to ensure your site is available in as many languages as possible with minimal effort, enabling the translation widget and keeping your site text simple is a quick way to provide page translations in languages you may never even have heard of.

Translating site text with the next version

In order to control the way your pages are translated, and to avoid those often strange and illegible automated translation errors, it’s important to create a truly multi-language website. The new version of doomby’s site manager, on track for release in the first half of 2011, will provide you with an easy way to duplicate your site pages and add language-specific content to each of them.

Each page you create for your website will be available in a foreign language version - one for each of the site languages you choose to make available for your site. All you’ll need to do is to provide each language-specific version of each of your site pages with appropriately translated titles and text.

Site language selection

To start developing your multi-language site content, you’ll first enable each of the languages for your site from the Settings menu of your site manager. You can add as many, or as few, as you’d like.


Once you’ve set up your site languages, each of your site pages will then be made available in a language-specific version. Provide appropriate content for each language as you add pages – pages without translated content will display the default site language version, so you can simply translate the most important pages of your site if you’d prefer, whilst ensuring all links will still display page content, no matter what your site visitors’ preferred language.

Easy multi-language website development is just one of the amazing new features of the next version of doomby’s free website builder. Stay tuned for more inside looks at the great new features coming to your site manager soon! And in the meantime, have a great start to 2011 – we’ll do our best to make sure it’s your website’s best year ever.