Make a multi-user website: doomby v4

On 23/11/2010

In New and updated features

Work is continuing apace on the next version of your favorite free website builder, with the doomby development team currently busy working on preparing a totally new engine to drive your sites and the site manager. When it’s released in the first half of 2012, the new doomby will not only make it easier to make a website than ever before, it’ll also make website development faster, and more flexible.

Here’s an inside look at one of the up-and-coming changes to your free website builder tools: site accounts.


Currently, when you sign up to make a free website on doomby, your account is automatically and intimately linked to your website. The services that you might add - to make a pro website or to create an online store - are linked directly to that account, as is your account name, which becomes part of the address for your website. Although this makes it a lot easier to remember your site access address, it means you can’t change the name of your site without adding a domain name subscription or creating a new account.

The new version of doomby’s site maker will change all that. Your account will be separate from your site, meaning you can change your site name right from the site manager, and without having to sign up for a new site account. It also means you can manage as many different sites as you like, with whatever site names you choose, all from the one account.

Managing different sites, or adding new ones, will no longer involve signing off from one account and onto another – everything can be done in the manager. This means fast site creation, and easy website administration.

Domain name management

Account independence will also make domain name management a whole lot simpler. Currently, transferring a service like a domain name is a manual process, requiring the intervention of the support team. The next version of doomby will facilitate domain management, so you’ll be able to transfer a domain name from one site to another in one step.

Domain names under the new version will also allow you to create free subdomains, to add a specific domain for your site blog (like or for different site languages (like

Shared site administration

We’ve often been asked how users of community sites can share the workload involved in daily site administration, or for a way to enable family members or friends to edit their own site pages, or to add photos to albums. Doomby’s next version provides the answer: site administrators (webmasters) will now be able to delegate editing rights to other user accounts, enabling additional users to access and edit selected content in the site manager. Tight access controls will mean you decide who can edit what, allowing a colleague to post to the company blog, a business partner to add products to your online shop, a friend to upload photos to your online photo album, and a family member to add and edit your site pages or website design.

Delegating site administration will add a link to selected site content to specific external user accounts: they’ll only access what you want them to, and you’ll be able to remove access authorizations with just one click. Site logs and shared notes will make tracking site changes easy, so everyone will know exactly what’s going on.

The changes to the way site content, accounts and domain names are managed are just part of the overhaul of your free website maker, on track for release next year. Stay tuned over the weeks and months ahead for more exclusive previews of next year’s release – we know you’ll love what we have in store for you.