Managing site files: doomby V4

On 09/02/2011

In New and updated features

The next version of doomby is not far away, so it’s time to take a look at one of the most visible changes to your free website builder tools you’ll be encountering very soon. One of the most-requested features we’ve been asked for is a way to manage files more flexibly from within the site manager, and we’re happy to deliver!

In response to your requests, we’ve completely overhauled the way you’ll manage files in the next version of your very own free website maker. The changes will make it even easier to create a website and to manage your site content, with a more user-friendly and intuitive file manager.

Doomby’s new file manager is inspired by our online store product manager, and works just like the file explorer on a PC or Mac. The new file explorer interface has two columns: one displaying the storage space folder structure, and the other displaying folder contents.

To access the contents of an existing folder, just scroll down the list on the left of the explorer window and click the folder to select it. Its contents will be displayed in the viewer window on the right.


Folder contents can be displayed either as a list, or as a series of thumbnails, and you can switch between the two views at the click of a button.

Each display view is adapted to a particular purpose:

  • thumbnails are perfect to quickly browse through the contents of your image folders - a preview of each image helps you select just the right one


  • the list view enables multiple file selections, for batch file processing: use it to delete a series of files in one go.


As everyone is different, and accesses the site manager from computers with different display sizes, the new file manager adapts easily to your screen size with a simple click. Choose from one of the three display sizes to adjust the height of the file manager – the “Small” view is perfect for lower-resolution screens, while you can take advantage of the available space on larger-resolution screens by selecting the “Large” view.


We’ve completely overhauled the file manager; it’s so simple to use, we know you’re going to love using it. If you know how to browse for files on your Mac or PC, then you’ll feel right at home using the file manager in the next version of doomby. We’ll be revealing some more of the great new features of doomby’s free website builder tools in the weeks ahead – stay tuned for more!