Save, trash, and recycle site content: doomby V4

On 03/06/2011

In New and updated features

How many times have you thrown something away, only to regret it later on? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that question is “too many to count”. Website creation – especially when you first begin to make a website - inevitably results in more content than you need, and in way too many hastily deleted pages or files.

Up until now, that, as they say, was that: a deleted page, image, blog post or other element of your site content was gone for good. Deleting whatever site content you don’t need anymore is a solution to dealing with clutter, but it’s also a very radical, and permanent solution. Too bad if you change your mind later on, that page and those files are gone for good.

We thought we should help you with that: dealing with clutter, while protecting your site content. The result is built-in to the new version of doomby, and provides a new way to deal with superfluous content on your website, whilst enabling you to resurrect deleted items at will (so you can recover that thing you didn’t want anymore, when you suddenly remember you do).

Introducing your new best friend, the trash can


Our upgraded site manager includes a new content management feature: the humble, but ever so helpful trash can. Placing items, like site pages or images, in the trash means they’re out of the way and off your site. Now, it may not sound revolutionary, and it isn’t: you have a trash “way station” on your computer. But just like your desktop trash, the site manager trash is a real lifesaver for those times when, days or weeks later, you suddenly remembered there was a point to keeping that thing you deleted from your site, and need to get it back.

Trashed items can be restored to anywhere, exactly when you need them. And if you really do want to get rid of one or all of your trashed items, you can permanently delete some or all of them, simply by emptying the trash.

The trash will sit inside the new unified content “explorer” windows for your site pages, files, images and add-ons. And you get to start taking advantage of it for your website when the new version of doomby’s free website builder comes online later this summer.