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On 07/10/2010

In New and updated features

It's been another busy week here at doomby, with new luxury lodgings for the support team (lucky guys!) and a new team member, Benjamin (aka Ben #2), joining us. Amidst all the excitement, we've still found time to come up with some fantastic new additions to one of our beginner webmasters' all-time favorite add-ons: the Photo Album.

Some of the feature additions to the album were directly inspired by your feedback – we liked your ideas so much, we just had to make them a reality!

Amazing? Yes, we very probably are. But we don't like to brag too much, so here's a quick overview of what's new with your favorite free website builder:

Terrific templates

We really felt in the mood to give: to give you some new album display templates! We know you don't have time to mess around with coding CSS display parameters (what's that, right?), so you've always been able to quickly make an online photo album by uploading images to the album add-on, sorting them into thematic categories, then choosing a display template to automatically generate a great-looking photo album for your website. We've added some new display templates providing more choice and greater flexibility so you can get your photos looking their best in no time.


Creative covers

Always judge a book by it's cover? I know I do – it's super-efficient and a great time-saver. And as much as you'd like to think that your visitors will love your website for its brains (your text) rather than its body (the pretty stuff like photos), most people are pretty superficial when they're surfing the web and simply don't have the time to get into details. If you've gone to all that effort to make killer albums for your website, then you'll really want people to know your album is worth looking at with just one glance. Rest easy – we've made it even easier to choose the album illustration photo, just by clicking the album cover icon below the image in your site manager.


Super-simple slideshows

You've always been able to move your homepage album slideshow around by copying and pasting the slideshow HTML code, then disabling the auto-display for the homepage slideshow. … not the easiest thing to do if you're just getting started with building a website (after all, you chose an online free website maker to make a website easy, right?). We guessed as much, so now all you have to do is choose the slideshow location directly from the options tab of the album settings. And to top it all off, we've also made adding or removing slideshow photos super-simple, with new slideshow icons appearing alongside the images in your album. Just click the icon to add or remove an image from the slideshow.


Magical mathematics

We know, some of you were feeling a little constrained by the one-size-fits-all 9-image formatting for certain album display templates. We'll, we're overjoyed to announce that you now can choose anything you like, from 1 to 150 – you want it, you've got it! Just select an album category from the list, apply the template and choose the number of images you'd like it to display from the drop-down menu.


We know you'll love these additions to the album, designed to make it even easier than ever before to create a website just the way you want. But we're also pretty hyperactive folk here at doomby, with a singular passion: to create new website builder tools and make the best website builder we can. So if you've got suggestions for ways you'd like to create a website, even better and easier than it already is, just let us know! All you need do is to drop us a line via the support service, post a suggestion on the webmaster forum, or just leave a comment on the blog or our Facebook page.