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Supercharge your site’s SEO: doomby V4

On 09/03/2011

In New and updated features

One of the most requested features we receive here at doomby is a website search function. Site searching is particularly useful, it must be said, if you make a website that extends beyond the homepage; you can add tag clouds and menus, but sometimes your visitors like digging around all by themselves to find exactly what they’re looking for.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to help visitors find your sites on search engines, and on ensuring they can easily access your site content, to make doomby even better for your website. Here’s a preview of the result of our hard work, coming up in the next version of your favorite free website builder: supercharged site SEO, with search!

You’ll find that the SEO options currently available for site pages, blog posts and online store products have been extended to all your site content. Each of your site’s different content types (like pages, blog posts and online diary events), will have its own SEO options. The new unified content SEO options allow you to:

  • personalize the page title (a key element for search engines and visitors – this is what your visitors will see and click in results pages on search engines like Google)
  • personalize the page META description (displayed in search engine results: an important source of keywords for search engines and information for visitors)
  • define META keywords (though all but abandoned by search engines, external directories and the new site search engine use this information for filtering search results)
  • personalize the page URL (aside from prettier URLs, search engines will love a meaningful page URL)
  • provide a page illustration (think: page will look great on social networking sites like Facebook, with it’s own personalized “avatar”)


We’ve really taken a lot of time to ensure your sites are even more optimized for search engines, and to make the work of improving your ranking in search engine results as easy as possible.

Providing a few well-thought-out details in the SEO options of your site content will help boost your site visitor numbers, and give your site’s very own content search engine all the information it needs to provide quick, accurate and pertinent results to your visitors.

The new super-charged SEO and site search features are just one of the ways the next version of doomby will revolutionize your website creation – stay tuned over the weeks ahead for more sneak-previews of the upcoming improvements and additions to your free website builder tools.