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On 12/07/2017

In New and updated features

These last few weeks the emyspot developers have been working to bring three new key features. The agenda, the member space, and the blog have evolved to provide new useful options.

The member spot : Specific group sign-up

This new feature is a major time saver for all webmasters. There is now a specific sign-up URL for each member group created on your site. For example, for the member group of "business", members can now sign-up from the URL "/members/subscribe/business/". A webmaster no longer will have to sort new members that wish to join a group, now the sign-up process will automatically put you in the correct group! Signing up is now easier, and now you have the freedom to create your specific group sign-up links on your site.

To find the links to your specific member groups go to Marketing > Site members > Settings > Registration

A tree in the forest

Agenda : Personalise your category colors

The agenda add-on has a new feature that makes everything clearer: you can now define a color for each of your categories! To do this, you will go edit the category in question and then select the color of your choice. If you choose not to define a color your agenda events will be the color already defined regardless of the category. This allows your events to stand out from the rest in a glance, making your agenda events come to life.

Agenda lta

Blog : Pin a blog post to the top of the list

If you are a blogger or if you use the blog module regularly, you probably have already wanted to pin a blog post, hoping that it will remain at the top of the list even when you post other articles? Well it's now possible! On your listing of articles, you can now choose to pin your item so that it remains at the top of the list.

For advanced webmasters, there is even the issticky CSS class to allow you to modify the design of this highlighted article, in order to differentiate it from others. By default, the pinned item is differentiated with a pictogram.

Pinned post

And that's not everything!

We can not tell you yet, but our dev team is also advancing on other improvements on emyspot... We can not tell you more just yet, but it should please everyone building a website!