A gift from us to you: discounted domain registration and doombyPLUS

On 21/12/2009

In News

The gift of giving e-commerceIt could've been the fact that few of us here at doomby actually have any offspring of our own to shower gifts upon (at least, that we know about). Or perhaps it was the … intoxication ... of last weekend's outings. In any case, it doesn't matter because whatever it was, you win. Overwhelmed by the spirit of giving, we've decided to make it cheaper to make a website with all the (Christmas) bells and whistles, and to register a domain name.

Aren't you lucky?

From December 21, 2009 to January 4, 2010, we're running a series of promotions for both services. Members with a current subscription to one service (either doombyPLUS or a domain name) will receive a €10 discount if they subscribe to the other service during this period.

For example, if you already subscribe to doombyPLUS but don't have a personalized domain name, you can add the latter for €25 (instead of €35). And if you have a personalized domain name without doombyPLUS, you can add it for just €35 (instead of the regular price of €45).

If you aren't currently subscribed to either service, you can add a year's subscription to both at the special price of €65 (that's a combined saving of €20 off the regular price). And this offer is also available to those who already subscribe to both services; don't worry if your subscription isn't yet at it its renewal date - your new 12-month subscription will be added to the end of your current subscription period (meaning you get to lock in the savings now).

So what are you waiting for? Christmas is just around the corner, and you deserve a gift this year that you'd actually like. Go ahead and spoil yourself: this year, make your own website with all the trimmings. Cheap.