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Boost your website for our new version

We're in the mood for celebrating here at doomby, with our next fantastic version due for release next week, September 28. As our way of sharing the love, and for saying "thanks" for being part of what makes doomby everything it is, we're offering existing and new members discounts on domain names and doombyPLUS to help you make a website you'll be proud of.

Get ready for doomby V4 with our fatastic offers

From now until we start transfering sites and managers at 20:00 GMT September 27, 2011, we're offering reductions of €5 on domain names (primary or secondary) and €10 off our full e-commerce solution. Whether your purchase is for a new service or the renewal of an existing one, and whether you subscribe one or ten domain names, you'll get to take advantage of this great offer for each and every service you subscribe.

To take advantage, just order directly from the services menu of your site manager.


  • Prowess
    This is a nice blog with a nice information.
  • Colin
    Thanks Malc - multi-user site management will really make day-to-day site management a lot easier. And it's just one of the new features of doomby - rendez-vous next week to discover the best of the rest!
  • Malc
    • 3. Malc On 22/09/2011
    I like these changes. I inderstand that we can have additional web masters... So I don't have to do this all on my own!
  • Colin
    No, it's Great news! You get a great new version, and reduced service subscriptions all in the one week (and it's not even the holiday season!).
  • Tony
    • 5. Tony On 20/09/2011
    Yeah, that's good news!

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