Coming up: a site manager makeover, and mobile website themes

On 06/12/2012

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We’re working on a lot of different things at the moment, to make it easier to make a website, and to make those websites better than ever. Over the next few weeks (hopefully just in time for the new year), we’ll be releasing a couple of updates that are designed to give your sites a great start to 2013.

Mobile websites

Though websites are designed to adapt to internet-enabled devices big and small, from desktop computers to smartphones, it can be useful to have a website design that’s specifically adapted to small screen sizes.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on the new mobile design themes for your websites.

Once they’re online, you can enable a mobile theme for your site from the site manager, and offer a site design and navigation layout suited to mobile devices, while still offering your current site design to visitors with larger screen.


New site manager layout

Times change, and so do the ways people access services and websites online. The second of our year-end updates involves streamlining the site manager, to make it clearer to navigate, and enable you to focus on editing content, no matter what sized screen you use.

We’ve done a lot of work on reducing and optimizing the upper toolbar and navigation zone in the site manager, to maximize the space available – even on small screens – for creating, editing and managing site content.

Although we’ve streamlined the new site manager menus, you won’t have trouble finding your way around. Menus are still separated into 2 major sections: managing your account and your websites at the top, and managing the content of your site at the bottom.


We’ll update you with more about the site manager makeover and the new mobile design templates soon, here on the blog.