Happy birthday doomby

Happy birthday doomby – my, how you've grown!

On 25/10/2010

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It's been a busy twelve months, what with feature additions, moves and wildlife spotting. Though it feels like it was only yesterday, 12 months have now come and gone since doomby first hit the spotlight. Yes, it's been a year already since Awelty's leap onto the international stage with the release of our very own homegrown free website builder: doomby.com.

In that short time, we've passed a lot of milestones, and welcomed a stack of new members into our community. And for those who are wondering whether we're pleased that we've helped even more people, from more countries, to make a free website over the last 12 months? Yes, we are ... but we're only just getting started! Thinking back over the last year, it really has been a busy time here since doomby burst onto the scene. Here are a few of the highlights of doomby’s first year.

With doomby's arrival coming just a few short weeks before Christmas, and the development work behind us, we were really feeling the urge to spread some holiday cheer among our members (and celebrate doomby's first steps on the web), by providing everyone with a little holiday gift. Our end-of-year promotion saw members new and old alike offered discounted domain name registration and doombyPLUS subscriptions. The campaign was a smashing success, enabling even more doombians to access the great extra features of doombyPLUS and the professional appeal of a personalized domain name.

Put it down to the giddiness of success (or the holiday drinking) ... as the new year ticked over, we didn't feel like saying goodbye to the holiday spirit. Being generous souls at heart, we decided to give ourselves – and our members – more reasons for celebrating the arrival of 2010 with a slew of new releases.

The first few months of 2010 saw the team shake off the usual post-holiday blues with a frenzy of activity, as our development and web design team scampered about preparing new features for release.

The most significant of these was doomby's sensational e-commerce pack, coming in two delicious flavors: a 5-product free e-commerce version and an unlimited-product version with an enhanced feature-set available by subscription. Released just as the new year ticked over, doomby's feature-rich yet simple e-commerce solution has been a stellar success, enabling beginner web developers, budding home businesses and experienced retailers alike to make an online store in no time, with complete control over stock and client management, billing and payment handling. Together with our existing doombyPLUS and personalized domain name offers, we now offer something for everyone: from those looking at beginning their first creative moves on the web to pros looking to develop a fully fledged online business.

Since then, doomby has undergone a total facelift of both the site manager and the doomby public portal, harmonizing the site design and improving site ergonomics. Response to the new manager has been overwhelmingly positive – it seems our members are just as thrilled with the new, 2010 doomby as we are!

New-look doomby

Ever responsive to your feedback, we've added new features to meet needs as diverse as personalizing 404 error pages and site notifications to spam filtering and enhanced video integration with YouTube and Dailymotion.

We've also spent a lot of time building ever better site development tools to optimize site content for search engines. Not only can you now optimize individual pages for improved search engine results, you can also apply global SEO settings to your entire site. The new SEO tools available for the pages of your online store are just a taste of further enhancements set for release over the year ahead.

The last twelve months have seen a host of feature releases and additions to doomby's website builder tools, and the next twelve months will see a whole lot more to come. We're currently working on a total overhaul of the engine behind doomby's site builder tools that will revolutionize web development, unleashing the full potential of creative web designers everywhere and expanding the possibilities of your websites exponentially. With new languages on the way, doomby will also be reaching out to new members from around the world, providing new users from new lands with localized access to your favorite free website maker.

Happy birthday doomby – you've done us proud. In just 12 months, you've gone from strength to strength, giving thousands of users worldwide the chance to create a website quickly and easily, whether seeking to make an online store or to create a pro website. You've forged yourself an enviable place in search engines, and have doubled your productivity in just one short month! It's truly been an amazing year, but the best is yet to come! 2010 was fantastic, but 2011 will be … phenomenal. Stay tuned