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Make a website, with doombyV4

Over the last year, the doomby team has been focused on two things: helping our members make a website that’s right for them, and redesigning our website builder from the ground up to help new and existing members create, manage and publish site content in new and exciting ways. With doomby’s second birthday just a few weeks away, we’re putting the finishing touches on the next version of your free website builder: it’ll be online September 28, and it’s our way of celebrating our second birthday with you.

We’ve previously mentioned a few of the incredible new site design features in store for you, and some of the new ways of managing site content and visitor interactions more quickly and efficiently than ever before. You’re going to love putting them – and the hundreds of other new features – to use on your website. In addition to multilingual websites, multi-user site management and advanced content access features, we’ve optimized everything to future-proof your website: from the code of your site tools and manager, to the servers hosting your website. Accessing your website and site manager will be faster, better, and more reliable and secure than ever before.

You and your site visitors get to take advantage of doomby’s new features this September 28; your site manager will be updated automatically, and sites will switch over to newer, more powerful servers. In order to transfer sites and update site manager, they’ll both be offline for a few (short!) hours, between 20:30 GMT 28/09/11* 27/09/11 and 03:00 29/08/11* 28/09/11 GMT (*sorry about that). Visitors and search engines accessing your site during this time will be redirected automatically: visitors will receive information concerning the temporary access outage, and search engines will be notified of the temporary nature of URL redirections.

We’re really excited about being able to bring you a brand new, supercharged version of your site builder – see you on September 29 28 to discover the new features that will revolutionize the way you create a website.


  • nellevo
    • 1. nellevo On 19/08/2013
    Thanks for sharing...
  • Sajeev
    Great ,help I have designed a site, so easy great work from doomby
  • sunnyakc
    thanks for sharing.
    and i also want to translate my web in France...
    I want to translate my web in English , so in my wishes is one way to have perfect web and wishe to be professional job .
  • Verim Ticari
    • 5. Verim Ticari On 22/02/2012
    Thanks for sharing!
  • shruti m padia
    • 6. shruti m padia On 12/11/2011
    i want to create my on website at free of cost

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