Service subscriptions now available in the currency of your choice

On 16/05/2013

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Your doomby website comes with a bunch of really great free features built in, so you can make a website without needing to spend anything at all. As your website grows, you may want to extend its features to meet your changing needs by adding a domain name, enabling pro website features like site content member access controls or expanding your online store

Service subscriptions are an affordable way to extend your website, and as each one has its own unique feature-set, you only need subscribe the service you need, when you need it, and for as long as you’d like – there’s no obligation to renew a service once a subscription expires, so you can add the services your website needs, when it needs them, hassle-free and without any ongoing commitment.

Your website, your services, your currency

Until now, subscriptions have been available in euros, often incurring associated foreign currency transaction fees billed by your bank if your account uses a different currency. To make things a whole lot simpler – and cheaper – you can now choose the currency for your service subscription or renewal payment, with services payments now available in US, Canadian and Australian dollars, and UK pounds.

To select your preferred currency when adding a service subscription to your website from the doomby site manager, simply use the drop-down currency selector menu on the service selection page.