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Things are looking up, for a bright weekend

The first real taste of autumn has finally hit, and has brought with it a refreshing improvement. Delays? What delays? 

After some intense scurrying and much hard work by a great team over the past week (yay team!), both the servers and the services are behaving much better.

Thanks everyone for your patience during the last few days, and have a great weekend.

P.S. Why not take advantage of the cooler weather to ... I don't know ... make a website, perhaps?

P.P.S. And here's some music to inspire you:



  • Colin
    b i u quote center url img
    they're for formatting text - think of them as like the buttons or icons you might find on the toolbar of a word processor (only without pictures).
    You type your text, select the text you want to format differently (say, make bold), then click the corresponding button:
    - "b" for bold text,
    - "i" for italics,
    - "u" for underlined,
    - "quote" to
    quote text

    "URL" is for making a link to a webpage like clickable, "img" for adding an image).
    Hope that helps!

    PS as for the volume, I'm afraid that, without an access to your computer, I can't help from here ... Maybe your computer's user guide might be of help? Or a computer savvy neighbor?
  • Mumma
    first, what is the b i u quote center url img all about? Have just clicked on, and first question is "how do I get volume so I can here the song"?
    Perhaps, Colin, you should not have told me about this site.

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