What's a doomby anyway, and how do I use it to make a website?

On 31/10/2009

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I thought about titling the first post of the doomby blog “Happy birthday”, or “In spite of the forceps, our head came our looking OK”. And either would have made an OK title, right?

Then I suddenly remembered that my illustrious boss (Bossman the younger) had asked me at some point in the (now somewhat distant) past to explain the choice of name now inscribed on this website's birth certificate. He might also have mentioned something about describing what doomby actually is, and how to use it to make a website, but my attention span is not dissimilar to that of a goldfish, so I had to be reminded about that (several times).

But back to “name choice” bit. As with any good story, there are two versions: the short one and the long one. To summarize the short one (and make it really short): it won the beauty and popularity tests, and was available. 10 words

Yep, that's short (and makes a lovely post-modern Haiku).

It's also pretty dull, so I much prefer the long one. It involves swashbuckling adventures in far-off exotic lands (well, not really), the African language Pulaar and our company logo. The latter two combined together marvelously well to provide us the somewhat pleasant and interesting-sounding “ndoombi”. But figuring it didn't really roll off the tongue too easily, we applied a little creative license, and “doomby” was born.

doomby also happens to be the name of a tool you can use to make your own website (for free), from design to hosting, that you can read about in more detail here - on the doomby website (strangely enough) - and in my next post.