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Create a quality landing page

On 18/05/2017

In Web marketing

If you want to capture the attention of page visitors the landing page is the place to present novel and important ideas that you want to your website visitors to notice. Here is some advice to make a quality landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a term oft toted by webmarketing specialists, but it is everyone's business. The landing page is the webpage where you site visitors first arrive - also known as the entry point of your website. This is most typically the homepage, but may also be a homepage of a category of your website

The main advantage of creating quality landing pages is to simplify content because easier reading = longer visit. Imagine your landing page as a "mini-site" dedicated to the specific subject that interests a site visitor and that directly answers a question. They can then navigate your website with ease.

Landing pages are all about user experience and should make site visitors feel satisfied and interested in continued surfing.

Example - emyspot help landing page

Tutorials lp

Site visitors who are looking for help with their site more than likely arrive directly at the help landing page.

Example: emyspot offer landing page


Site visitors who are looking to up their site features will more than likely arrive at the offers landing page.

How to create a sucessful landing page?

A clear detailed title

Most site visitors arrive on your website after clicking on an Adwords ad or on your title in a search result page. Use a clear page title remind and reassure visitors. Show why they clicked your link and what they will find on your page. Create comfort and reduce the dissatisfaction of website visitors to reduce your bounce rate and increase the time a site visitor stays on your page.

Call to action

Simplify the life of your site visitors and create a clear path to action. This can be a button, a link, a video, a form that you want your site visitors to interact with. Limit the number of clicks between the call to action and the conversion(when an action has been done). To encourage an action - make it a clear and easily identifiable- with a strong call to action.

The correct text

Use short concise sentences to keep site visitors attentive. Don't hesitate to use clear text formatting, such as dashes, numbers or bold phrases. Make reading enjoyable so that your site visitor wants to stay longer. The longer the visitor stays on your landing page, the better it will be referenced in the search pages.

A flawless design

Make content organized with clear blocks and columns to guide the visitor through site information. Create a logical path that allows visitors to discover all the information about the topic of that page, drawing the eye to key facts or content. Use blocks and columns to create dynamic content.

A successful landing page should attract visitors to your site and up your conversion rate will come out grown. In addition, with the simplified page builder at emyspot, you should not have any difficulty to succeed creating an effective landing page.