Adding external services to your website

It's easy to integrate external online services to your website, to add content or features that are right for your site and your audience. 

Intégrer paybox sur son site internet Intégrer Google Analytics sur son site web Intégrer instagram à son site internet Disqus intégré à votre site
Des applications externes sur E-monsite

How to use an external service on emyspot ?

The features(compatible with emyspot) allow to make a website that is bountiful. Discover all the external tool proposed by partner site or recommended by emyspot that can be connected directly to your site. Either as a widget, a plug-in, or HTML code most external services are available. 

Integrate Google Services on your website

Be it Google maps, Google analysis, or connecting your site to your Google account you can easily integrate these services into your emyspot website. Emyspot's built-in tools and widgets make adding these functions a cinch to  making a fuller and richer website

Google analytics

Import a Wordpress site to emyspot

If you have a blog or website that you’ve created using Wordpress, you can easily import it via the emyspot site manager to transfer the site content from Wordpress directly to your new emyspot website.  It is simple and practical, making your move from wordpress move fun and exciting!

Créer un album photo

Find images that are legal to use 

Save time and search through the images that are legal and free to use. Emyspot proposes two platforms Fotolia et Depositphotos which can meet your graphic needs with millions of photos available in their database. 

Fight against spam

To avoid spam and an enorlous quantity of junk mail, emyspot proposes three solutions to protect you from these disagreable messages: Captchme, Recaptcha and Akismet.


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