Sondage icon 1Allow members to add event to your Agenda

To propose a member spot is an option of the VersionPlus. You can by creating members-only website content and letting them add events to the agenda or add posts to your blog.


Activate this option

Go to Add-ons > Agenda > Options and tick the box Enable event submissions.

Automatically, all site members will now be able to submit events but you can specify which members.

When they access their member space of your site, the members you allow to add events to your agenda. Can add events by clicking on the link Events in the top right corner, next to the sign-out button.



Allow certain members to add events

You can choose which members have permission to add events to your agenda. To do this, you must put these members in a group.

  • Create a group
    Go to Marketing > Site members > Groups, create a group, potentially Planners.
  • Add member to the group
    In Marketing > Site members you can edit the member sheet of your members. By clicking on Modify a member, you can then add him to a group.
  • Allow publication to this specific group.
    Go back to Add-ons > Agents > Options where the option to choose the group of members is available in the Enable events submissions where a drop down menu will appear.

Check posts before publication

When a member adds a new post to your blog, there are two possibilities :

  • The event is published automatically
    As soon as a verified member adds an event, it will appear on your site. You recieve an email (or not) depending on the options that you have applied in Account > Account Settings > Site Alerts.
    To activate this option, go to& Add-ons > Agenda > Options and tick Publish automatically.
  • The added event awaits webmaster approval
    This allows your to edit or peruse the content and placement of the event. You will find the awaiting event in the Add-ons > Agenda > Events. Select the proposed post, clicking onEdit, correct it if needed and then change the status to publish and click Save.