SchedulePublish an event on your agenda website

Adding events to your website is an important part of composing site content that will interest your visitors. Whether you need to add an event or want to let site user's propose events, it’s easy to add them to your site pages. Use the interactive agenda add-on and better include your site visitors with an easy to read and intuitive event calendar and diary.


Add a new diary event

If you haven’t yet enabled the Diary add-on, enable it first from the Add-ons > Manage add-ons menu of the site manager.

To add your first event, access the diary event manager from the Add-ons > Diary > Events menu:

  • Click New event to start
  • Provide a title for the event and select an optional category to organize the event
  • Enter a location, comprising a local (city, town, …) and specific address
  • Add a start date for the event (if the event runs over more than a single day, check the Multi-day event box to add an end date for the event)
  • Enter the event start time
  • Provide details of the duration and cost
  • Add an optional long description text, together with any images, videos or other content to illustrate the event page on your site
  • You can also add contact details and an external site address, if relevant

Save the event once you’re finished, at the bottom of the page.

Displaying events on your website

Future and current Diary events are automatically published on your site, and you can add a link to the index or homepage of your site diary to enable visitors to access them. 

  • Use the Diary categories widget to list links to each of the event categories created in your Diary add-on. Events for each category are published in chronological order on that diary category’s page on your website.
  • The next events to occur (chronologically) are automatically added to the Upcoming events widget. Add it to a side menu or page to promote current or “near-future” events.
  • The latest additions (events added to) your Diary add-on are listed in a separate site widget. Use the Latest events widget to highlight new events as you create them.

Managing events once they’re finished

Once an event is finished, it remains visible in the list of events on your website.

If you’d prefer, you can automatically remove past events as soon as they have finished, and place them in an archive.

To enable automatic event archiving:

  • Access the Options tab of the Add-ons > Diary menu
  • Check the Enable event archiving box
  • Save your changes

Past events that have been archived will remain accessible on the site; to view archived events for a diary category, access the diary category’s page on your site, and click the View archived events link at the bottom of the page.

Good to know

  • Set the number of events to be displayed on each page in your diary from the Options tab of the Add-ons > Diary menu    
  • You can personalize the diary homepage presentation page, by adding text, images, videos or other content, also from the Diary add-on Options tab   
  • VersionPLUS webmasters can enable authorized site members to submit diary events directly from the website, once connected to their accounts