Sondage icon 1Add quizzes toyour website

Adding fun and interactive content to your website is a great way to enhance the appeal of your site for visitors. If you make a school website or publish other kinds of “educational” site content, adding quizzes is perfect for enabling site visitors to test their knowledge and obtain their test results automatically.


Personalize the questions on each quiz, and the results text that will appear for your site visitors once they’ve completed the test – give them a “well done” for high scores, and a “keep trying” for lower score levels. Each quiz question can have as many questions as you’d like, and each question can be illustrated by a visual support (perfect for art, geography or text comprehension quiz questions).


Create an online quiz

If you haven’t already done so, begin by enabling the Quiz add-on from the site manager.

Head to the Add-ons > Manage add-ons menu to enable it from the list of currently disabled content add-ons.

Once enabled, you’ll create your first quiz from the Add-ons > Quiz > Quizzes menu of the site manager, and click New quiz at the top of the explorer window.

Give it a title and an optional introductory text, illustrated with images, videos or other multimedia content.

Personalize the quiz

Your quiz is now ready for you to add your first question. Begin by entering the question text in the first field. If you need to add a visual support, like an image, add one via the Choose an image button.

Once the question is added, you can then enter the multiple-choice options in the Response fields below. Add as many additional responses as you need, by clicking the Add another response button, and entering the answer choice text.

Continue adding questions for the quiz, by first clicking the Add another question button, and then by simply following the steps outlined above.

Personalize the multiple quiz results text

You can define the text that will display once a site visitor has completed the quiz. There are 5 different text fields, corresponding to the results percentages (from 0 to 20% correct, and for each successive range in steps of 20%).

You can personalize each block, or use the same text for 2 or more if you’d prefer. Once you’re done, save the quiz to publish it on the site (or change it’s status to Draft from the top of the quiz editor if you need to keep it under wraps until later on).