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Make an email address linked to your domain name

If you have a domain name and you wish to have emails attached to your website, making your emails more official than classic emails? You can create up to 10 e-mails per domain name. Let's see together how to make personalized email accounts linked to your domain name, from which you can manage from emyspot's inbox or using your own webmail system to send and recieve quality emails.


It's a snap to really create a unique look for your website communications with the integrated free web design tools.

Whether you've decided to make a website for business or pleasure, it's important to give your site visitors a consistent look and feel throughout your website. But your web pages aren't the only element that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Create a personalized email following the steps below. 


Create your email account

Making an email address is simple, sign-in to the manager and then go to Settings > Global Settings > Domain Names.

A table will list all the domain names associated with your account, and go to the column E-mails and click Add . This button creates an email that corresponds to that specific domains


1.Choose an e-mail

In the pop-up window that opens you will choose the email address. You will choose what appears before the "@". Authorized characters are letters and numbers as well as hyphens"-". You cannot use special characters not spaces in the email address.

You will then choose a password to protect your email account or leave that which is proposed by default.

Once you have chosen a valid email, your new email address is processing. This process may take several minutes before active and created.



2. Manage your email accounts

At any moment you can manage you emails from the menu Settings > Global Settings > Domain Names? then clicking on Manage on the line of the domain email addresses you wish to manage.

This allows you to quickly see the email addresses you have created but also to know the passwords associated, and at any moment this information can be modified by clicking on the button edit.

3.Want to use email ?


Now that your email address is created, you have two possibilities : add the email address to your existing mail service account (like that of gmail or yahoo) or you can connect to webmail.