Set up an e-mail account with Apple Mail for Mac

If you've subscribed a domain name for your website, you can create your own personalized email addresses right in the site manager. To send and receive emails, you'll need to use a mail application like Apple Mail: it's the default e-mail application installed on Macs. Setting up your personalized email account on Apple Mail only takes a few steps: here is all you need to know to get it up and running.


Locate your email address, password and server information

Once you’ve set up your personalized website address (domain name), you can get started creating a personalized email address (you can add up to ten accounts) from the Settings > Global settings > Domain names menu of the site manager.

Note your full email address, its password and the server addresses for your domain – you’ll need them to configure your account in Mail.

Add your account details to Mail

Open Mail from the Applications folder on your Mac. If this is your first Mail account, the account window will open automatically - if not, just open it from the Mail > Preferences menu click the Accounts tab and then + at the bottom left of the window.

Enter your full email address and password, and the name you’d like to use for the emails you send, then click Continue.

Configure the server settings

You’ll need to tell Mail which server to get your emails from and which one to use to send them. Your personalized email accounts use either POP or IMAP for connecting to the server, and come with an SMTP server for sending emails.

Choose the connection method of your choice (POP or IMAP) for the incoming server information, provide a description for the account, and enter the POP server name from your site manager as the Incoming Mail Server. You’ll need to re-enter your full email address as your Logon user name.

When you’re done, click Continue. A pop-up window will open – just click Continue.

Add your SMTP (mail sending) server account details

You’ve already provided everything you’ll need to receive your emails. Next you’ll need to edit the account settings, to add your SMTP server username and password.

Begin by providing a description for the server you’ll use, and the server address in the site manager. Enter your account username and password, then click Continue. The account summary window will open – just click Create to finish.