Add a hypertext link to a page

Adding hypertext links to your site pages is easy - hypertext links are the clickable links added to text or images to enable site visitors to quickly access a new page.


Adding a link to text

To add a link to text in the page editor, first select the text to which you’d like to add the link (the text site visitors will click to access the linked page).

Once the text is selected, you can:

  • use the Internal link button: to create a link to a page you’ve created on your own website, like a page, blog post or store item, by selecting the page link
  • use the Insert/edit link button: to add a link to a page on your own website, or on a different, external website, by entering the full address of the page

Example: the Internal Link button

Here, we’re adding a link to a store product, using the Internal link button.

Using this button makes it easy to choose the page to which you’ll create the link – just select the type of site content, then the page to link, and save.

Adding a link to an image

Linking to an image is just as easy as linking to text.

First select the image to which you’ll add the link (the image visitors will click), then:

  • use the Internal link button: to link to an item of content created on your website
  • use the Insert/edit link button: to link to a page on your site or on another website, by entering its address

Example: the Insert/edit link button

In this example, we’re adding a manual link to an image using the Insert/edit link button.

4 enter link address

Creating an email link

If you’d like to create links in your pages to an email address, so visitors can click the link and open a new email (with your email address already filled in), it’s just as easy as creating a manual link to a page.

Select the text or image visitors will click to access your page, and then use the Insert/edit link button on the toolbar. Instead of entering a page address as the “Link URL”, you’ll enter : as the destination address for the link. Just remember to replace with your email address! When a visitor clicks the link, their default email application will open, with a new message ready to be composed and the “To” email address field already filled in.

Removing a link

To remove a link, click the existing link text or image to select it, and then use the Unlink button on the toolbar.