Picto carrouselAdd a slideshow to a page of your website

Adding a slideshow to a page of your website couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is upload the images, and decide where to display the slideshow. The site manager will take care of the rest.


Choose the slideshow images


To add a slideshow to a page of your website, you can display:   

  • images from an album category
  • images from a file storage folder

By choosing a category or folder, all the images it contains will be automatically added to the slideshow.


Display a slideshow of images from the site file store

To display images from the site file storage space, you’ll first need to create a folder, and add images to it.

Head to the File storage space menu of the site manager, and create a new image folder. Upload the images to be displayed in the slideshow, and personalize their titles by editing them (select each one, and click the Details button).

Once you’ve added the images, head to the page editor and edit an existing page, or create a new one. Add a new content block, or a new column to an existing content block.

Choose Other widgets, click Configure, then select the Gadgets widget category. Click the Slideshow widget. In the pop-up window, select the folder containing the images, and adjust the height of the slideshow if required, then save your changes.

Don’t forget to save your page once you’ve added the widget.

Personalize the design of your slideshows

To ensure your slideshow blend in with your website design, you can adjust their settings from the site manager. Head to the Settings > Global settings > Slideshow menu to adjust:

  • the delay between each image transition
  • the color of image titles
  • the background color for the slideshow
  • the background color for the slideshow thumbnail images
  • the height of slideshows

Add external slideshows to your website

If you already have photos stored online on dedicated photo sharing sites like Picasa or Flickr, or want to personalize every aspect of your slideshow (by adding special transitions, background effects etc.), you can easily add them the way your slideshow.

  • Adding external slideshow you’ve created manually, on sites like kizoa.com and photosnack.com, or via online photo services like Picasa or Flikr, is easy. They’ll provide embed (HTML) code, and you’ll simply paste the code as-is to your website, via the HTML page editor.