MarketingAdding videos to your website

Using video content adds engaging content for site visitors, and looks great. It’s easy to add videos to your website as we’ll show you in this step by step tutorial. Whether your videos are stocked on your computer or hosted online at Youtube, Dailymotion, or Facebook.


Where to host video files?

For your videos to be displayed on your site, you’ll need to store (host) them online somewhere, at an address that’s publicly accessible.

To store your videos, you can use a video hosting service like YouTube or Dailymotion (free), an online file storage and publishing service like Dropbox, or store them in your site manager:

Use a video hosting service

  • to encode videos and generate code automatically that you’ll use to add (embed) the videos in your pages

Use a file hosting service

  • if you’d prefer to keep your videos in a more private location (they won’t be listed on searchable video hosting services) and/or want to encode your videos manually 

Use your site file storage space

  • if your video is less than 15MB and in a compatible format.
  • Accepted file formats are listed in the site manager, under the File storage > Files menu, whenever you upload a new file (including mp4, mov, avi, flv, wmv, 3gp, swf)

Add a YouTube or Dailymotion video

Videos hosted on YouTube and Dailymotion can be added simply by posting the address of the video, or you can search for a video on either service using keywords, or videos associated with your YouTube or Dailymotion account.

To add a video from YouTube or Dailymotion:

  • Edit the content to which you want to add the video (you can add a video this way to any content that has a visual editor)
  • Click the Insert: Video button above the visual editor toolbar
  • If you’d prefer, you can add videos to Pages (created via the Pages > Manage pages menu) using the Video widget
  • Enter the address of the video, or search for the video linked to your account or using a keyword
  • Insert the video, and save the changes when you’re finished

Add a video using embed (share) code

Video hosting services often provide the code you’ll need to add a video to your pages, all you need to do is locate it and add it to your page. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Photobucket are just some of the video hosting services that provide this feature. 

To add a video using embed (HTML or “share” code): 

  • Locate (1) and copy (2) the embed code for the video on the service you’re using
  • Edit the site page to which you want to add the video
  • Click the HTML button of the toolbar
  • Paste the code (3) and click Update to save it
  • Save your page when you’re finished

The page builder tool makes it easy and quick to add videos