Insert a page break

Organize content with a page break

It may happen that your pages contain a lot of content that makes reading it all in one go difficult. You have the option to organize your content into easy to read pages. You can choose to add a page break to better organize and display content for clear reading.

Here is how to create a page break to separate your content into sections.


The page break tool


This tool will allow you to separate content into digestible pages that are easier for your website visitors to read.

On your webpage it will look like this:

On your website you will see the page break similar to this it will depend on your selected theme


To add a page break

Is as simple as one click. From the website manager go to the page builder tool and edit the page of your choice.

Within the page editor you will see the button Add a page break. Click on this button.

Where do i find the page break button

In the page editor you will see the page break appear below the block.

This page break can be moved to anywhere in the page