Recuperate your content in Google's cache

If you made some unfortunate modifications or edited your pages and lost content! Pages, blog posts...  For every add-on, there is the trash bin that lets you retrieve this content from your site manager.

However, once the trash bin has been emptied, it is not possible to retrieve your content. There remains an ultimate solution to find your content through Google. This method is not guaranteed and depends on several settings out of our control, but let's see how we will try to retrieve content in the Google cache if ever the need may arise.


Possibility 1: You remember the address of your content

This is the easiest way to retrieve content. If you have the URL address of your lost content somewhere on your website or your internet navigator.

With this URL address you will go to the Google's homepage. In the search bar be sure to put the entire website URL.

If it is in the first results generated by Google it has been indexed and saved by Google and you may proceed to Step 1.

If not let's try Possibility 2.

search the google cache

Possibility 2: You do not remember the address of your content

This is a little trickier and less effective than the first possibility, we have to use tricks to be able to find your content!

Go to the Google homepage. In the search bar, we have to initially fill the address of your website followed by a space and then the name of the content you are looking for on your site.

Ex: I am searching for the tutorial to create a web page, I will then enter into the search bar " tutorial create a web page." If you see in the search results, the page you are looking for, you can go to Step 1.

Otherwise it is likely that Google has no copy of your page on your server, in this case, unfortunately, there is nothing more that can be done. Your content is lost.


Step 1: Open the cached version of your page

As soon as you click on a link in Google, you are directed to the most recent version of the content.

Yet for various reasons Google keeps an older version of website content in it's "cache". This cache can be considered as a backup, and is updated regularly and rapidly (this depends on the websites popularity and new content frequency).

To access the cached page you will need to hover your mouse over the link, where a green triangle will appear?. As soon as you click on this triangle cached will appear in the drop down menu.


Click on the button labeled Cached and you will be able to access the last version that Google saved of your page. At the top of the page you will see the date and time of the last version of the page saved by google

With luck on your side, Google may not have updated its cache and you can retrieve the content. If so, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Retrieve the content

Once you are on the cached version of your page. You will want to open your website manager and copy / paste the content into the add-on of your choice. The worst is avoided, you will not have to rewrite the content of your page! However, do not delay - it is possible for Google to update its cache before you have a chance to finish restoring your content. It's a long and tedious method of course, but we must not forget that this is the last possible resort to restore your content.