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The Jolly Joy Store

A demonstration website with E-commerce features

This website built with the store add-on, gives you an idea of the E-commerce solutions we propose at emyspot. See full product pages and extra features that can only be used with the subscriptionStorePro.

Made with the StorePro subscription

Go to the website: See what you can create when you activate your online store with a StorePRO subscription.

- Display products with detailed product pages, unlimited photos, editable zones on each page

- Include essential store info while collecting statistics for your users

- Personalize the store homepage or create reduction codes to up sales.

- Easy clear payment methods with Paypal functions

Jolly joy store 1

Go further

When you create your online store you have the choice to activate the add-on for free or subscribe to the StorePRO. Find out more to take advantage of the extra store features with E-commerce solutions.