Present your pages in a list

There is an option to display the pages as a detailed link list, with a title, an illustration image, and a description. Let's see in this tutorial how to go from a simple display of links in a bulleted list to a more detailed display.

Site lists

The widget - List of categories and pages display

To fully understand how this list of links is created and what information is displayed, let's break down the elements that are shown when you use the detailed display widget.

Detailled image

As illustrated above, the detailed display of each link is composed of three elements: a title, a description, and an illustration image. These three elements are automatically retrieved from the information specified in the SEO Search Engine Optimization section of the page. In order to propose a detailed display of the links on the site, you must fill in the SEO portion for each page of your site.

The title

The title displayed in the list will be the one you entered in the title field displayed in the menu. If you check the Use Long Title Display option, the title of the page will be displayed.


This short phrase that describes your page must be chosen with care. Do not just type a list of keywords but describe your page with a simple sentence. Always choose a description for your pages. To add a description, click on SEO Optimization at the bottom and add a sentence.

Illustration Image

Choose an image related to the content of your page. Do not worry about its size when you upload the image, it is automatically resized to Thumbnails.

To change the format of your images, go to Settings > Design > Personalize in the Image Format section. The illustration image is also displayed on search engines and when sharing your content on social networks. So make a habit of systematically adding an illustration image.

To display your illustration image in a list you will need to enable this choice in the add-on options.

Use the widget detailed list displayed

On your manager, in Pages> Manage pages, you can create categories to sort and order your pages. By default, the pages of a category are displayed as a bulleted list. You can view a list of detailed pages (with image, title, and description) in two places on your site:

  • In a page, via the List of items in a category widget (detailed version) To activate this widget with the page creation tool, click Other widgets > Pages> List of items in a category (detailed version). Select the items in the category you want to view.
  • In a category. In your manager, select the category and click Edit. Then choose the Detailed view of the page list.