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Whether you are in a band, a theater group, or are an artist or photographer, the internet is an essential way for you to get in touch with your public.

emyspot is great for making a free artist website to present your works, display your CV, make a slideshow of concert or exhibition photos, make a blog, announce upcoming concerts or gallery openings on your online diary or even to send newsletters to your fans. 

Make a website


How to make an artist website

Register for a free account is all you'll need to do to take advantage of all the free website builder you'll need to present your works to and connect with your public and fans. Choosing to make an artist website, a theater group website or a band website is the ideal complement to your Facebook and MySpace pages.


Make an artist website: an ideal and modern way to showcase your works

Presenting your group or background via text, images and videos to draw your public into your creative universe is easy! Thanks to an easy-to-use yet full-featured web page editor, you can make free web pages - there are no limits, so make as many as you need. It's easy, and best of all, it's free!. Offer press kits, photos, and press releases for download, or to add sound via integrated MP3 players - perfect for ensuring visitors, media, festival directors or gallery owners have everything they need, right at hand.

Once you've signed up, it'll take just a few minutes to make an online photo album and display a video gallery (importing content directly via YouTube or Dailymotion). There's no reason to wait any longer to present your works to the world!

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Use interactive tools to promote your work and engage your public

Why not make a free blog and use it on your website to keep fans and admirers up to date with your latest news.

Choosing to make an online diary will give you an easy way to communicate dates of upcoming concerts, workshops or exhibitions. 

Visitors, fans, and groupies can post comments on your content (artist blog posts, photos and videos), and share them with their friends. Use your website to truly engage with your public: make a forum and encourage your fans to get involved via your online guestbook.

Sell your works online

 Use emyspot to make a free online store to sell your albums, photos or other works. You can even provide your public with a choice of payment methods and automatically handle stock management and shipping fees.

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Make a free artist website and get a team of pros to help you, free

emyspot is open to everyone. It's a great way to make a website that reflects you, your works, your tastes ... and to engage your public.

Every emyspot account comes with free online resources (widgets, FAQ, tutorials, webmaster forum) to help you through making your own website, even if you've never done it before.

And you get unlimited fast, effective, and free help to create your website from the support team - contact them online to get a hand when you need it.

Your artist's site grows with you

Watch our video of woodworker Pat, as he discovers his passion through his pieces, shares it with others, and begins to create masterpieces and sell them. Everything you need is possible with an emyspot website. Showcase your work be it woodworking, music, landscaping...

Discover an SPACE to CREATE

My art space is a good example of a website that an artist can make to share their creations, to talk about their experiences, to show their evolution and even to sell their artworks. Create a website with emyspot and you will have an art gallery open to the world 24/7.

Visit the ART SPACE site

My art space