Make a local government website

Deciding to make a local government website lets anybody, mayors, officials & citizens offer interactive services to residents, voters and tourists, and communicate local news and events quickly and efficiently.

Make a free website to present local heritage, activities and events for youths, parents and senior citizens, opening hours, neighborhood and associative facilities, like halls and gyms, local law enforcement etc.

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How to make a local government website

All it takes to get started and make a local community website, a local government website or a community site is to sign up for a free account. There is absolutely nothing to install on your computer and the easy-to-use interface means anyone can create a website, fast. Secretaries, volunteers, committee members - even the mayor can build a website and keep it up to date in no time.

Once registered, you can start taking advantage of all the free website maker tools to give your community the web presence it deserves.

You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to publish text and photos, and add video content using the full-featured page editor. You can make unlimited free webpages and add all the information you need for your local residents and taxpayers:

Free communication for municipal services and projects


Broadcast information and news for residents and voters using the web builder tools provided with your emyspot website. Make a community blog or a town blog to quickly publish details of important news and information. Enable your online agenda to provide details of practical and cultural information and events and provide dates and times to ensure no-one misses out. Your staff or volunteers can add events quickly and easily.

emyspot makes it easy to send a newsletter personalized with your town colors, and interested citizens can sign up for news right on your website.

  • Highlight local architectural gems and historical sites and provide access maps.
  • Publish opening hours and contact numbers for municipal services and town hall offices.
  • Provide details of upcoming projects, and dates and minutes of meetings and forums.
  • Showcase tourist sites and visitor information: tourist office hours and location, bed and breakfast contacts, camping grounds, trailer parks, local stores, cultural highlights etc.
  • Foster local sporting groups and volunteer organizations by highlighting their projects and contact details.
  • Broadcast vital local information and security alerts: public health, storm warnings, accident information, heatwaves etc.
  • List important emergency service contact details: doctors, fire departments, police, local services (daycare, recycling, halls etc.).

Practical and entertaining service delivery for taxpayers and residents

Choosing to make a local government website is all about providing better service to your constituency, and to build links with the local community.

Make a directory of local artisans, businesses and organizations, providing quick access to contact details, phone numbers and access maps - you'll not only provide great service for residents, you'll also be displaying your dynamic, get-up-an-go approach to your local community.

Make an online photo album, a video gallery and a guestbook to get valuable feedback on high points of the local community calendar, fairs, markets etc. and to get residents and visitors involved in the life of the community through comments posted on your slideshows, blog posts and more.

Provide locals with a space of their own to exchange ideas and views by making a forum - they'll love contributing to the conversation and sharing their own experiences. Build links to your community by participating in the dialog.

What are you waiting for? Get started building your site today!

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