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On 28/12/2016

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The end of a surprising year is upon us. Start the New Year with a fresh resolution towards excellence. Each day of January get an idea to improve your website explained by the emyspot team straight to your inbox. Enjoy the preview below.

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Differentiate yourself in a world of tabs
Add a Favicon

I want you to all take a look up to the top of your computer screen, or mobile phone, tablet and notice the favicons. See them? Or maybe still wondering what a favicon is?

A favicon is an icon that appears in a tab or in a list of favorites that sets your website apart from the competition.

A website without a favicon shows a lack-luster generic browser symbol on all points-of-interaction. If you care about your user experience and brand awareness, you should care about favicons. This icon image grabs the site visitor's attention and helps your website be seen, and hopefully, committed to memory.

Each website builder has a different way of adding favicons. This is a fairly time-consuming project on most website builders, with complicated coding and design specifications. When you make a website with emyspot, we take care of this internally.

You simply need to upload a favicon, all the other optimizations are handled internally.

To upload a favicon, you will go to your website manager and edit the Site Information. Select and upload the file from your computer - once uploaded you have a favicon that will set you apart from other websites, up brand awareness, and make user experience better...

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