Important: doomby V4 release update

On 25/09/2011

In News

As we previously announced a few days ago, we're releasing our next version of your site managers and websites next week. We’ve been steadily transferring copies of your websites over to our new servers for the last few weeks in preparation for the release of our next (and very great) version. These copies are updated regularly, each time your sites are edited, or content posted by your site visitors (like comments, forum posts etc.).

Unfortunately, you’re sites have been a little more popular than we’d anticipated, and these updates are taking a little longer each time than originally planned.

We’re really determined to ensure that we get doomby V4 out on time as originally announced, and that your websites experience as little downtime as possible, while ensuring site functionality is impacted as little as possible, and that everything goes smoothly (and runs on time) next Tuesday, we’ve had to make a few adjustments to our timetable.

Your websites will remain online until 20:30 GMT 27/09/11, and be back online around 03:00 GMT 28/09/11 as originally announced.

The following 2 steps will be taken progressively prior to the start of the transition, to ensure it goes as smoothly and quickly as possible:

07:00 GMT Monday, September 26: site visitor functions that generate site content directly (page comments, forum posts, guestbook etc.) will be offline. Note that contact forms and ecards will continue to work, and you’ll continue to receive messages via email sent via site or third-party contact forms.

20:30 GMT Monday, September 26: site manager access will be offline (your websites will continue to be accessible to visitors)


And as a reminder:

20:30 GMT Tuesday, September 27: sites will be offline, as originally announced

03:00 GMT Tuesday, September 27: sites will be back online, and access to the site manager restored, as originally announced


We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for this change to the originally announced timetable, which has been taken to minimize the time your websites are offline.

Note that the promotional offers currently applied to services purchased via credit card from the site manager will now also be suspended a day early, as access to the site manager will not be possible after 20:30 GMT, 27/09/11 (so hurry to take advantage of it while you still can!).

See you next Wednesday, for the new doomby!